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    May 3, 2021 /  Home Products & Services

    How to Know you have Bed Bugs

    Some of the places they hide is on the bed frames, under the mattress. No room is off-limits, so you should make sure to thoroughly check them. They will wonder around the whole house breeding, therefore you should be ware of other rooms in the house.

    One of the ways to know if you are having bed bugs is by if you smell a bad odor click for more.

    You will not know if you are having bed bugs in your house unless you notice these kinds of bites across the arms and legs. Some may not even react as fast as others.

    They will bite you are then back to their spots in less than a minute.

    They leave marker stains on the mattresses and bed sheets hence you will surely tell if there are bed bugs.

    If you see bed bug eggs around your mattress you will definitely know that there are bed bugs in your house. Once you know how a bed bug egg looks like, you will be able to identify one if you see one. Bed bug eggs are mainly found along the edge of your bed frame, in the folds of your mattress cover, and also in the crack of a mattress.

    Before going to their next stage in life, they feed and shed off their skin for them to proceed. They are easier to find.

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