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    When we are searching for mobile games for free download for our mobile device we never really know what we are looking for. Its not like we could just perform a google search and find that perfect game. You just need to keep looking and looking until you find some game that interests you. That game may be a racing game or an adventure game or an old style arcade game, but that really does not matter as soon as you like that game.

    That was the idea Dertz was built around – games you have already seen are blurred out so that you know that you need not pay concentration to them. Thus you can search for games without having any problems on download that same game twice. We had to do this because we have a huge game database of more than 50000 games and that really makes it tough to find your dream games.

    Now how to get those free mobile games:
    1) You need to visit Dertz (link can be found in the resource box)
    2) Choose the games section by clicking on the link in the top right side.
    3) You will be presented with a list of games. Just choose any one or click next page.
    4) When you are in the game download page, just click the big download button and download will start instantly. No waiting time!
    5) Save the game to your hard drive. Remember where you saved it as we are going to need that to install to your device.


    1) Your device would have been provided with a data cable (If you don’t have a data cable you can use bluetooth to send you game)
    2) Connect your phone to your device using the data cable.
    3) Right click on the file ==> send to ==> (your phone’s name) or if you dont have a data cable, right click the file ==> send to ==> bluetooth ==> select your device name ==> send.
    4) On the phone just choose the file and select it by pressing the middle button. This will start the application installer.
    5) Enjoy!

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